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"The Broken Dryer"


Rev. Steve L. Miller, New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Marshall, Texas

    Knowledge is a tremendous asset that can save time, money, heartaches, headache and a ton of frustration.  Ecclesiastes 7:12 "For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it."


The other day a friend and I worked on his broken clothes dryer.  It just stopped operating for reasons he did not know. After a series of test he concluded that it was the "on switch", because to him it didn't sound as it should, it was a new dryer that hadn't been in use for more than a year, it still had some of the shipping wrapping on it.  We both had a general idea of the mechanical and electrical workings of a clothes dryer, but to repair some things requires a specific knowledge.


The problem was we didn't know exactly how to remove the switch. There the switch set, right before us.  We had spent much time discussing and theorizing,  removing many screws and prying one part from another causing dents and dings until we finally dismantled the control panel. There both sides of the switch sat exposed to our viewing, then we discovered that all it took was a click and a twist to remove the switch. We could have removed the switch without removing one screw, yet alone the other parts that we pried apart.


Had we known, we could have saved time, some unnecessary dents and dings and much frustration.  That is the way it is for the believer, we bring upon ourselves a great deal of wasted time and energy, heartache and pains, because we fail to take the time to acquire the knowledge that God wants us to have.  We have a general idea of how we think things ought to be.  The question is then, "Does this measure up to what God says to us in His Word?"


There is more to the experience with the broken dyer that I will share on my next entry.  It is my prayer that we all seek the knowledge and wisdom that God wants us to have.  LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS FOR US NOT TOO!



May my God bless and keep you,



Pastor Steve L. Miller